We work with diverse and long-standing clients across the UK and Internationally who count on us to support the strategic and operational aspects of their Recruitment.  We have developed trust and rapport with our client base and through collaborative work, we create opportunities and help our candidates realise their dreams.

Equally, the connection we have achieved with the talent market across the UK, Middle East and Asia and throughout the industry we operate in, ensures the availability and our ability to quickly navigate our network to find the right candidate.  We deliver a quality of service and personnel engagement with candidates that has ensured belief and trust in our process and methods, from initial engagement to regular communication leading up to preparation for interview, post interview feedback to onboarding.

By utilizing the latest technology, we ensure top quality candidates are the right fit for the right opportunity.

We Offer:

Fully Retained Recruitment Service
Access to latest recruitment technology
Use of Solo Video Interviews
Video Talent Dashboard
Scientific behavioural assessment
Contingent Recruitment
Short term recruitment projects
Coaching and Leadership Development
Organisational Restructuring and Operational Modelling

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